Hello friends,

as you can see here we are still busy playing music in different bands. The Crashing Dreams have a new band member since beginning of 2010. Our new bass player is called Patrick Loimer and he’s the man we’ve been searching for years. Our official band homepage hopefully will be updated someday soon and hopefully this time there will be an English version too. Please also check anytime you want.

n 2010 Flavio joined the Leipzig band Changoleón on drums. The band has released one album (not featuring Flavio) so far without having performed live ever before. You will enjoy the music at once the moment you hear it. It’s laid back but also strong music at the same time. Please feel free to check

Fabrizio plays bass in Speed Mountain. The debut release is sceduled for late 2012. This Leipzig band once was called A Heart Is An Airport but somehow they felt like changing their bandname. And guess what, they’re already searching for their next name.

Also in 2010 Flavio finally stopped playing drums in Palestar, a legendary former britpop band from Leipzig, lately playing some sort of cool powerful but dreamy indie rock. Not having been able to release a follow-up record to the band’s first album from 2005, the band produced great new pop tunes with nobody noticing it and therefor called it a day. They broke up summer of 2010. It seemed to be their destiny to remain undiscovered, but please don’t hesitate to listen to their great music on or just have a look at

As you might still remember, our first professional and international band starting in 1999 was called Barbara Manning And The Go-Luckys! And as you know too they are history now. After the last German tour in January 2006 Barbara M. continued to follow up on her solo carrier in the USA and we both became even more busy with playing in our other bands. But it’s still good to know where we come from musically, and therefor it’s important you also know about this transatlantic band in which we played in for 7 years. So if you don’t have any records and if you’ve never listened to the music we played with Barbara Manning here is your chance to do so at

Please don’t forget to visit our profile at too and join our list of friends there. If you want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us via e-mail. We hope you keep on being interested in what we do. See you.
Flavio & Fabrizio

 Last Update: 28.June 2012