Last Update: 3.3.2015


DSC1356Hello friends,
we are still busy playing music in different bands. The Crashing Dreams are still working on the third album. It will be recorded with the help of our band member Patrick Loimer. Our official band homepage has disappeared lately, so for now you will find all the information here.

We play in a very cool band since last year. We're the new rhythm section in Doctorella, Berlin's hottest band. In 2012 the band already released the first album called 'Drogen und Psychologen'. The songs are written by the riot girl twins Sandra and Kerstin Grether, who are known authors and political activists. The sisters share the vocals, Sandra plays guitar and Kerstin plays the keys. They describe their music as an extatic mixture between Strokes, Hildegard Knef, Rio Reiser and Gossip. Fans of Sandra's former indie band Parole Trixi will even like more what Doctorella is creating these days. Very musical mature songwriting deluxe, good for anybody's taste. Now they wrote new songs which sound more folky on the one hand and more radical & poppy on the other hand. It just took a few months of exzessive practice-room-sessions and now the future may bring whatever it brings. New songs have been recorded in January in a studio in Essen, since this year hopefully will see the release of Doctorella's second album. Check and

DSC1612As you might still remember, our first professional and international band starting in 1999 was called Barbara Manning And The Go-Luckys! After the last German tour in 2006 we became more busy with playing in our other bands. But it’s still good to know where we come from musically, and therefor it’s important you also know about this transatlantic band in which we played in for 7 years. So if you don’t have any records and if you’ve never listened to the music we played with Barbara Manning we only can suggest to check it out at some point, because it's very good important indie rock music that you will miss otherwise.

If you want to give us feedback please feel free to contact us via e-mail. We hope you keep on being interested in what we do. See you down the road.
Flavio & Fabrizio