Discography  2000

Barbara Manning And The Go-Luckys!

Live Instore Concert
at Second Hand Records Stuttgart
CD (Self-Release/Germany) 2000


2. How Did You Know?
3. Life/Luck
4. Rhombus
5. Smoking Her Wings
6. Whatever I Do Is
7. Stain On The Sun
8. Don`t Underestimate Me
9. Hanging By Strands
10. Sympathy Wreath
11. Still?
12. I`m On The Wrong Side
13. Dancing In The Dark
14. Leaving On Your Mind


Barbara Manning  - vocals, guitar, bass
Fabrizio Steinbach - guitar, bass
Flavio Steinbach - drums

Recorded live on Minidisc by Christoph Ludwig at Second Hand Records Stuttgart, 15. Jan. 2000

All songs written by Barbara Manning, published by Barbara, Manning Music, BMI, except songs 5,6,7,8,9,13,14 which are written by other artists
Photos by Rosaria Steinbach