Discography  2003

All songs recorded live by Robert Hartwig at The Shop, Spokane, USA, August 24, 2001

All songs written by Barbara Manning, published by Barbara Manning Music, BMI, except:
A,6: words by Arlen & Harburg, music by                B.Manning;
A,7: written by G.Downes;
B,1: written by F.Jade;
B,3: written by B.Manning & B.Kearney;
B,4: written by C.Marquis;
B,5: written by D.Kilgour, H.Kilgour &
B,8: written by Walker & Pierce;
B,9: written by N.Saloman.

Artwork by Darren Merinuk


Barbara Manning And The Go-Luckys!

One Starry Night At The Shop
LP Picture Disc - Live Album (Swamp Room/Germany) 2003

Songs A-Side:

2. Scissors
3. Time To B.
4. You Knock Me Out
5. Isn’t Lonely Lovely?
6. Buds Won’t Bud
7. Joed Out
8. Sympathy Wreath
Ladies Of The Sea

Songs B-Side:

Don’t Underestimate Me
2. I Insist
I’m On The Wrong Side
4. Pages Turn
5. Whatever I Do Is Right
6. Don’t Neglect Yourself
7. Incapable
8. Leaving On Your Mind
9. Stain On The Sun


Barbara Manning - vocals, guitars, bass
Fabrizio Steinbach - guitars, bass
Flavio Steinbach - drums, percussion
Axel Heim - sax on ‘I Insist’