Discography  2001

Barbara Manning And The Go-Luckys!

You Should Know By Now
Gatefold LP/CD
(Innerstate/USA; Clearspot/Germany Import) 2001


  1. Don´t Neglect Yourself
2. You Knock Me Out
3. I Insist
  4. Time To B.
5. Goof On The Roof
6. Boston Song
  7. Buds Won`t Bud
8. Rhombus
9. Never Made Love


Barbara Manning - vocals, guitars, bass (1,6)
Fabrizio Steinbach - guitars, bass (2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10)
Flavio Steinbach - drums, percussion
Terri Manning - backing vocals (5,7), slide whistle (5)
Lolo Blümler - organ (6,10)
Jeff Palmer - musical saw (5,8)

Songs 1,2,3,4,6,7,10 recorded & mixed at Iron Bar Studio, Darmstadt, January 4.- 7.2001 by Lolo Blümler & The Go-Luckys!
 Songs 5,8,9 recorded at Black Eyed Pig Studio, San Francisco, August 16.+ 17.2000 by Kyle Statham, mixed in Oakland, March 3.+ 4.2001 by Rick Wilson & Barbara Manning.

Mastered by Rick Wilson

All songs written by Barbara Manning, published by Barbara Manning Music(BMI), except 'Boston Song' written by the Flavio & Fabrizio Steinbach

All songs arranged by the Go-Luckys!

Pictures taken by the band
Layout and artwork design by Earl Kuck