The Crashing Dreams were formed in 2002 by German-Italian twin brothers Flavio & Fabrizio Steinbach. In September 2006 their second album ’Get Somewhere Without Words’ comes out on the indie label Yeah Records. The German underground scene already knows the two musicians since they released their debut album ’Minimum To Exist’ in 2003. Their music is catchy instrumental indie rock with a dynamic sound which jumps right out of the speakers when you listen to it on your stereo.

The new album ’Get Somewhere Without Words’ is produced by Niko Lazarakopoulos (Ma Cherie For Painting, Longjumpmin) and the twins. The record features longtime bandmate Tepe on bass, Chris Cacavas (Green On Red) on piano/organ and other guests.

Flavio (drums) and Fabrizio (guitars, bass) played in different bands. In 1999 they formed the trio The Go-Luckys! with Barbara Manning. With this band they have toured in the USA and in Europe, and several recordings were released. Lately the twins played with the Woog Riots, in 2003/2004 they joined the live line-up of The Cakekitchen and currently Flavio also plays drums in the German band Palestar.

Live on stage the Crashing Dreams play their inventive music in a straight forward way and their live set is often described as energetic indiepop-noise-rock! After touring in Germany several times they also want to conquer the rest of the world with their powerful and dreamy instrumental music. Don't miss the Crashing Dreams when they come to your town.

Fabrizio and Flavio Steinbach