Barbara Manning - liner notes for the album:

I am often asked these days, “How did you meet the twins?” Well, if you are a musician that they respect, those twins will find you. Not yet fluent in English and not quite 15 years old when my sister and I metBarbara Manning - Stuttgart/Backstage Zeltfestival Cannstadter Wasen them during our first tour of Germany, the twins entertained us with questions and impressions about the fabled San Francisco music scene. Twins tend to be easy to remember. Most people would agree: Twins are special. They are fun to watch as their body movements and vocal delivery tend to be so similar. But these twins, Flavio and Fabrizio, are a unique pair. They are utterly impossible to forget and very easy to love, believe me.
While touring Germany frequently the welcome I received each time I played in Geislingen’s Rätschenmühle always made me feel as though I was with family and it really built my relationship with the twins. Back in America after a tour, they would surprise me with short phone calls, or they would send me the latest recordings from their first band West Of Rome.  thought that they were charming and sweet, but I still viewed them as kids.
When I moved to Germany for some time in 1999, the twins offered to play a couple of shows with me. They were 21 years by now, and after our very first practice in the basement of a kindergarten, I felt the magic of art created as a group. The Go-Luckys were born! The absence of loneliness for me was so relieving that I felt as if I was living in a dream world where I was some stressless princess. The twins and I would go on late night walks in the forest, and our long practices were heightened by talks of touring the world together. Our band was the greatest band ever, and life was full of ice cream and Spätzle. Until I started to recognize that I was enjoying being a kid again, while they were growing into young men.
Finally coming out of my prolonged-teenaged stupor, I sent myself back to university in America. With serious tears and painful goodbyes, we would separate always with some future plan to play music after half a year or so. For ardent music fans such as these twins, the in-between times of my visits and Go-Luckys tours were simply too long to wait. The twins have been writing original tunes since back in the early days when they started to play in a band. It was natural for them to return to the kindergarten and smash out songs together, just drums and guitars, wrestling like two brothers. So truthfully, the Crashing Dreams existed long before I fell into the twins’ lives.
This album is so full of life that it jumps right out of the speakers and dances in the room with you. It sparkles, it crackles, it’s smooth, it’s edgy, it rages like a gladiator. This album doesn’t need any words, because love resounds in each soundwave. And I swear that if I lived anywhere near Süssen, I would be playing with the Crashing Dreams too. This album is my favorite record of the year, maybe ever. Until the next Go-Luckys record, of course.
The twins will always make music. It’s their minimum to exist. Crashing Dreams, I love you!

Barbara Manning
Chico, Ca
September 2, 2003